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  • POCKET CHAIR POCKET CHAIR Ding 3000 A soft and resistant armchair that wraps you with a pleasant feeling. From £1,413.00
  • SILA CHAIR SILA CHAIR Lievore Altherr Molina Chair in eucalyptus wood: sustainable, comfortable and multiform thanks to the numerous variants. From £177.00
  • SILA STOOL SILA STOOL Lievore Altherr Molina Stool in eucalyptus wood. Solid, sustainable and comfortable. From £306.00
  • DRIFTED STOOL DRIFTED STOOL Lars Beller Fjetland Wood and cork for an iconic, sustainable and comfortable stool. From £170.00
  • DRIFTED BAR STOOL DRIFTED BAR STOOL Lars Beller Fjetland Wood and cork for a sustainable and comfortable stool. It combines with countres and tall tables. From £248.00
  • DRIFTED CHAIR DRIFTED CHAIR Lars Beller Fjetland An original chair that blends together nordic tradition and cork innovation. From £432.00
  • LAST STOOL LAST STOOL Max Lamb Metal stool for interiors and exteriors. From £196.00
  • AUTUMN CHAIR AUTUMN CHAIR Ichiro Iwasaki Exceptional capabilities create a sophisticated chair. From £626.00
  • TAG STOOL TAG STOOL Ichiro Iwasaki Made with craftmanship and care, a classic, small, coloured stool. From £223.00
  • TAG STOOL LARGE TAG STOOL LARGE Ichiro Iwasaki A stool with bigger dimensions and a surprising versatility. From £283.00
  • TWO TONE CHAIR TWO TONE CHAIR Ichiro Iwasaki Colour and shadows game. A comfortable and stackable chair. From £459.00
  • TWO TONE ARMCHAIR TWO TONE ARMCHAIR Ichiro Iwasaki Chair with arms to give a natural support. From £549.00
  • BRIDGE CHAIR BRIDGE CHAIR Ichiro Iwasaki Functional elegance in a reduced size. From £418.00
  • BRIDGE BENCH BRIDGE BENCH Ichiro Iwasaki A slim, stylish and light bench, perfect for outdoor use as well. From £1,071.00
  • PAFFUTA PAFFUTA Luca Nichetto Five upholstered and coloured cushions for a tribute armchair to the Finnish masters. From £2,682.00

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